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Four Function:
1.Multifunctional heating massage knee pads, vibration massage + moxibustion hot compress + infrared therapy, gently care for your knee joint health.
2.360° all-round wrap around the knee, covering and massaging more acupoints, effectively releasing the pressure on the knee.
3.High frequency vibration massage . Simulate the real massage technique, the massage effect is better, and the use feeling is more comfortable.
4.Constant temperature mugwort hot compress (45°C/55°C/65°C), 3 temperature adjustment, take care of your knee joint with the most suitable temperature for you, relieve knee pain and discomfort.

1. It has four functions of vibration massage, laser physiotherapy, infrared physiotherapy and warm moxibustion and hot compress, which can relieve the discomfort of the knee joint in an all-round way and let you say goodbye to the pain of the knee joint.
2. 20 seconds of rapid heating, carbon fiber hot compress, 3-speed temperature adjustment (40°C-42°C-45°C), accelerate blood circulation, dredge meridians, and keep knees away from dampness and cold.
3. Perform a full range of vibration massage on the knee muscles to fully release the pressure of the knee joint and relieve the discomfort of the knee joint.
4. Laser treatment: There are three built-in red lights, which can extract impurities in the blood, promote blood circulation, and effectively remove joint effusion.
5. Effectively improve the symptoms of sports injuries, old cold legs, knee swelling, effusion, edema and other symptoms.
6. The white LED touch screen is clearly visible, allowing you to grasp the message status in real time; one-key start, easy to operate.
7. Built-in 3000mAh large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, charging time is 2-3 hours, and it can be used continuously for about 90-120 minutes after being fully charged.

Item type:Smart Knee Massager
Rated Voltage:3.7V
Input Current:DC 5V=2A
Battery Capacity:3000mAh
Charging Time:3-4Hours
Continuous working time:1-2Hours
Package Net:1000g

Fasten the product around the knee.
Long press the power button to enter auto mode.
Short press to turn on/off infrared or laser.
Short press vibration button to adjust intensity.
Short press heating button to adjust temperature.
Note: The machine will auto-off after 2 minutes'inoperation.
①Tie the product on your knee with a strap, and tighten the strap.
②Long press the "switch" to turn on the default automatic vibration mode, low-grade heating, infrared on, and laser on.
③After the product is turned on, the corresponding mode lights up in white.
④In the power-on state: short press "Vibration" to adjust the vibration mode (auto-low-high-close vibration, cycle in turn); short press "heating" to adjust the heating temperature (low-medium-high-close heating, cycle in turn); short Press the "switch" to turn on and off the laser and infrared (turn on the infrared - turn on the laser - turn off the infrared - turn off the laser, cycle in turn).
⑤ Long press "Switch" to turn off.

The following must be understood before use, otherwise it may cause damage or danger.
Have leg nerve disorder or skin sensory disorder.
Have metal, silicone or plastic material injected into the knee due to fracture or surgery.
With inability to sense heat.
Have knee sequelae due to traffic accidents, etc.
With implanted medical electronic devices that are easily affected by electromagnetic devices, such as cardiac pacemakers.
Have lost temperature perception.
With a malignant tumor.
With heart disease.
Unstable at the beginning of pregnancy or shortly after giving birth.
Diabetes causes perceptual impairment.
With scars on the skin.
People with osteoporosis, severe fracture, sprain, muscle pain, acute pain should be used under the guidance of a doctor.
This product is not a medical device and is not recommended for medical use.
This product contains a lithium battery. Please do not disassemble,modify, immerse in water or throw into fire by yourself, otherwise it may cause damage to the product.

Product Include
1*Knee Massager
1*USB Cord
1*User Manual

1. Due to different monitors, the picture may not match the actual color of the product.
2. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-3cm.
3. If there is any problem with the product, please leave a message before giving a bad review. Thank you for your understanding.

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